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The Corporate Branding Recovery


After a disgracing moment happened to your business, your brand image is surely ruined. If you don’t repair the brand image then you will surely lose more audiences and profits too. Brand image and reputation is important not only to attract customers to buy what you sell but also to build trust between your suppliers, investors, sales, and your own employees. So, if you don’t want your company to get the brand disaster, try these branding recovery steps to prevent one.

First, you have to define roles in the disaster branding recovery plan. It is important because after a strike you will have no time to think and to get people to fix the situation. Second, educating the employees is truly important. Everybody needs to know the basic of the disaster recovery plan and how it works. It rules out what they allow to speak and what they don’t. To include the agency, outsources company, and media management is also a great point, they should understand what you are experiencing and what they need to do.

Investing technology on the branding corporate recovery is a good plan to prepare. Technology that support your emergency communication, worldwide notice, and reach global customers will be a great help to recover your brand reputation.

The Basics of Branding Strategy

Branding is the first thing that all businesses, companies, retails and even entrepreneurs do. It is the most important step that give them power to advance in the competitive global markets. Branding strategy is truly important to let your audience know what the product you sell, the service you provide, what the product can do, the cost, and many others. It general, branding is making your customers know who you are and remember your products for the long future. That is why the most important from a branding is the logo. The logo will be on your packaging, your official websites, on the promotional products, brochures, leaflets and many other media.

To create the most effective branding strategy, you should plan it on 5Wh and 1H, What, Where, When, to Whom, and How. Communicating your branding through 5Wh and 1H delivers the most effective message directly to your potential customers. The next point you need to do is being consistent. Your consistency in business branding creates strong brand equity and for that strong brand, customers will eager to pay higher price.

That’s why you need to define your brand. It is rather difficult to define the best business brand because it sticks along your business for long time. However, at least your branding can help the customer understand your business and what you produce.